A Festive Hingham Homecoming


Hingham Harbormen Football holds the Hingham flag before the game against Duxbury.

Lizzie Quinlivan, Contributing Writer

Hingham held its annual homecoming ceremonies on October 21, 2017. The event included sports games, club booths, all wrapped up with the Homecoming dance on Saturday night.

To kick off the homecoming events, a pep rally was held on Friday during G block. The pep rally began with the introduction of all the sports teams, all of which across the turf field. After this, the each senior football player recognized a teacher by presenting him or her with a jersey with that player’s number on it. After this, senior and freshmen siblings participated in a wheelbarrow race.

Early Saturday morning, clubs and sports teams began to set up fundraising booths, selling Hingham merchandise and other creative items. Many tables, including the GSA and Breathe Out clubs, sold handmade items. Many student participants in clubs or sports teams worked shifts at their booths selling their items while also enjoying front row seats to the Homecoming games.

The games kicked off with a varsity field hockey game played against Whitman-Hanson. The score remained close throughout the game, leaving Hingham fans on the edge of their seats. However, Hingham claimed a victory with a final score of 4-3. Junior Julia Salvucci scored three goals for the team.

After the conclusion of the field hockey game, Hingham’s varsity girls soccer team took the field against Duxbury. Throughout the game, Hingham players’ teamwork allowed them to make multiple goals against their opponents. Hingham girls won with a score of 7-2.

Following the girls soccer game, the boys soccer team prepared to take the field against Duxbury. Although the team played a great game, Duxbury won with a score of 4-0 .

After the boys soccer game, the Hingham football team also played a match against Duxbury. Hingham supporters packed the stands to watch the game. To start off the game, sophomore player Nick Capodilupo sang the National Anthem. After the excellent performance, the game began.

The score was extremely close, but, in the end, Duxbury won 14-13. However, as senior Maddie Hoffses observed, “The spirit was unbelievable. Even though Harbormen did not win football, the number of students who showed up to support the school made it even more fun and exciting.”

Even as the afternoon events came to a close, Homecoming was still not over. Around seven o’clock, students returned to the high school for a black and white themed dance. While at the dance, students enjoyed music, a photobooth, and a candy bar. Claire Schnorr attended her first homecoming dance at Hingham, and thought that “it was such a fun experience, and it was a great way to conclude a busy day of activities.”

This year’s homecoming activities were very well attended, and many people showed immense school spirit. Even though Hingham teams did not win every game, Hingham High students have notably support for each other, which made Homecoming a great experience overall.