December Chorus Concert Brings Holiday Cheer


All the members of the Hingham Highschool Chorus take part in the Christmas sing-along. (Photo by Patty McDonald).

Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert, Contributing Writer

The winter festivities at Hingham High School are in full swing, as Christmas is just around the corner. For Higham High School, the holiday season came early with the December chorale concert by the HHS Chorus on Tuesday, December 19th.

Its message was to bring  joy through the use of song and expression. The pieces reflected a diverse range of cultures pulled from different countries and time periods, making the concert an experience shared between the audience as well as the performers.

Dr. Young, the director of the chorus, explained his purpose for the concert. He  expressed, “We are about making connections—connections between singers and each other, singers and the conductor, singers and the audience, and singers with their own music. That web of connections makes us more sensitive and understanding of everything in our world, which is exactly what we need at this time of year.”

The concert opened with the Chambers singers, the honor choir consisting of freshmen. The group performed the song “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” by Gregorian Carissimi, which set the mood for the rest of the concert to follow.

Next, Mixed Chorus, comprised of upperclassmen, performed the pieces “Piorate fill Israel” by Giacomo Carissimi and “Tu scendi dalle stelle” by Alfonso Maria de’Liguori.

After both renditions, Choral Spectrum, an honor choir consisting of upperclassmen, sang “Es Nasido,” a beautiful piece by the Portuguese composer, Pedro de Cristo.

This led to the four following pieces performed by Concert Chorale, a large group of singers in grades 9 and 10. The group started with the compositions of “Dormi, Dormi, O Bel Bambin,” featuring a solo from sophomore Ruthie Kerber. This Italian Christmas carol gave a dance-like feel to the concert. The traditional English carols “Coventry Carol,” and “How Far is Is It To Bethlehem” followed.

Lastly, the group performed a spiritual called “Ain’t That-a Rockin’ which left the audience in awe as the booming voices of the choir rang through the space.

“‘Ain’t that-a Rockin’’ was very energetic and amazing, and I think that was my favorite song,” shared Connor Keliher, a freshman, regarding his reaction to the piece.

Mixed Chorus then returned to the stage to perform the traditional African carol “African Noel” followed by Choral Spectrum with the traditional Austrian carol  “Still, Still, Still.”

As the event drew to a close, Mixed Chorus sang its final piece, a powerful performance of “The First Noel.” The passion of these performers was demonstrated in such a heartfelt and relevant way in order to reflect on the holiday’s roots.

But of course, this concert would not be so grand without a carol sing-along where every member of the high school chorus and the audience sang together to further bond as a society.

“I love when I go to chorus concerts because the sense of family there is overwhelming” explained Abby Meissner, also a freshman, about her reason for going.

With all the terrible events happening in the world, it is important to remember the true meaning of the holidays and the joy that comes with them, which is exactly what these singers have done for this community.
The next Higham Chorus Concert will be on February 7th and will feature all choirs from fifth to twelfth grade. Make sure to go!