Cheers to the Holidays

Happy holidays! Image via

Kaylee Hill, Managing editor

The weather slowly starts to cool down and the snow begins to dust the roads as the holiday season rolls in. For many, the holidays bring such a joyful and breadth of company, but for others it is quite the opposite: a stress-inducing, never satisfying time of year.

For the majority of students, especially around December and January, it is a time of stress-relief and enjoyment. High school students get about a week long break and college students enjoy a lengthy month away from class and head home to spend time with family and friends.

They gift exchange and gift swap, as well as plan out holiday parties and potlucks that bring together so many people for sometimes only once a year. Senior Aidan Pierce said “It’s a time where people are more happy with the world around them. Their perceptions of themselves don’t change as much as they experience a sense of joy and faith in the world around us. It’s a time of fraternity and finding comfort in each-other, which I think is all too valuable in this day and age.” Such experiences that families fondly look back on down the road and appreciate the time together.

Simply the jingles of famous holiday tunes or old songs strike a nostalgic note in almost everybody’s heart as does the holiday spirit decorating. Especially for some high school graduates reminiscing as senior Sydney Boer said “It just dawned on me this year that we will always be able to come home for the holidays, so even though we are leaving for college, we’re never really giving up our childhoods.”

The decorations and white lights that line Hingham’s Main Street stand as a classic tradition and reminder of home. Many wreaths and lights and shadows falling from the dressed trees inside town homes presents the beginning of the holiday cheer. Although beautiful and joyful, preparation for such holiday extravaganza can quickly dampen with the freezing cold temperatures and stress.

Around the holiday and gift-giving season, many are overcome with the stress of nailing the perfect decorations as well as finding the time in a busy schedule to go shopping. The time spent in store after store is enough to drive anybody crazy and resent the gift-giving season. Interactions with friends can invoke much social anxiety and conversations centering on the greatest of 2017 as the New Year starts to chime in can hit an unsettling sensation.

In accordance with social expectations, it is no wonder the holiday season can fall short when it comes to gift-giving and cheer. However, for many who both love and resent the holiday season, it is undeniable the simple gift of time to share meals and connect once again with family and friends in celebration.