Winter Season Begins


Courtesy of Tara Redman

Sophomore Julia Waal races during the 2016-17 season.

Brigid Nugent, Contributing Writer

Sports have always been a big part of high schools, and Hingham High’s amazing track record for athletic excellence makes sports so much fun for students here.

Freshman Tia Reaman says her favorite part of playing hockey at the school is, “being with the team. It’s just a good environment to be in.” At Hingham High there are tons of sports any student can play, and most don’t have cuts, so people of any level can join them. A few of the Winter Sports this year are Swimming, Wrestle, Winter Track, Gymnastics, and Hockey.

The meeting for Winter Sports was held late in November, where captains and coaches of all the WInter Sports were recognized, and a powerpoint on being safe while playing and acting responsibly while not playing was shown. Captains went to the front of the gym and addressed their future teammates and other students participating in sports, informing them of the consequences of being caught with vapes or drugs on or off school property and what would happen for your sports season if you were suspended.

After the meeting, teams met in separate classmates to greet their teammates. Schedules were passed out, kids were checked for physical and concussion checks, and dates were set for practices. When discussing his preferred sport, freshman Will Shadrick said that “Wrestling is a fun active sport for people of any experience level.”

Many students, freshman especially are trying out new spots they might’ve never tried before because the atmosphere in Hingham High and all its extra curricular activities are so helpful and accepting

Winter Sports are obviously a big part of life here a Hingham High, and that definitely won’t change soon.