A Close Call: Hingham Loses to Duxbury


Liv Casey

Sophomore Stella Robson prepares to lead off her relay team.

Liv Casey, Business Manager

On Thursday, January 11, the Hingham High swim team boarded the bus to Duxbury confident and determined. Like most of the sports teams at Hingham High, their biggest competition are the Duxbury Dragons.

The boys swim team has beaten the Duxbury team only a handful of times and the girls swim team have yet to win a meet against their rivals. This year the team was especially excited because the lineup consisted of some very talented swimmers that were more than capable of holding their own against Duxbury.

However, when the overall scores were added up the girls lost by 18 points, with 80 points to Duxbury’s 98. The boys team suffered an even more devastating loss, coming in just three points behind Duxbury with 95 points to their rival’s 98.

Despite this tragic defeat, the Hingham High swim team remained positive. Sophomore Maire O’Driscoll comments, “everyone tried their best and really came together to help defeat Duxbury and that’s what is important”. The meet even ended on a positive note when Lawson Roberts, a junior managed to kidnap the Duxbury mascot for five very precious minutes.

The Hingham High swim team won’t be down for long. Sophomore Stella Robsonn shares, “I’m proud of our team and I know that next year we will be back and better than ever.”