How To Pack Like A Pro


Stephanie Robinson

Packing can be a daunting task if one is unprepared.

Stephanie Robinson, Contributing Writer

As vacation season comes around, many high schoolers are faced with a terrifying sight: a big, empty suitcase. The stakes are high, and a hundred variables come into play when packing a bag. Pressure (often created by procrastination) builds, and it can make people pack too much, too little, or just the wrong items altogether. The key to a good, stress-free trip is finding a happy medium.

To prevent overpacking, some select and take only their favorite outfits. Junior Lindsey Vogelmann remarks that good packing is “choosing some highlights of your favorite things to wear and putting them all in one place to bring with you.”

With this method, travelers will only take their most useful or stylish clothing. This eliminates unnecessary items, like several colors of the same sweater, or many pairs of near-identical jeans.

Although it might initially be stressful to not have access to a closet full of clothes, embrace it! Travel involves living more simply and making do with what is available.

While it’s important not to overpack, underpacking is just as panic-inducing. Junior Eleanor Smith says, “I always make a packing list before I start packing to make sure that I don’t forget anything.”

A packing list is a smart move; it organizes all the necessary clothes or items, and prevents anything important from being forgotten. Plus, packing lists can be recycled! Smith noted that “I save my packing list so that I can adapt them for future trips to make less work for me.”

The most important thing to remember when packing is to be mindful. Always put thoughtful consideration into whatever tactic is used. With good planning and careful choices, anyone can successfully pack to ensure a stress-free vacation or trip.