Talented High School Artists Showcase Work at Town Hall


Lizzie Quinlivan

Paintings by artists from Hingham Middle School are showcased on a bulletin board on the first floor.

Lizzie Quinlivan, Contributing Writer

From March 26 to April 7, 2018, the artwork of students from all four elementary schools, Hingham Middle School, and Hingham High School is displayed throughout the Hingham Town Hall for the annual Hingham Public Schools Art Showcase. The artwork lines the walls of the first three floors of the Town Hall. Artwork created by middle school students decorates the walls of the first floor, consisting of paintings, drawings, and collages. Artwork made by elementary school students is displayed on the third floor.

Showcased on the second floor is the work of artists from Hingham High School involved in the graphic design, drawing and painting, and photography programs at HHS. Many of these talented artists are recipients of National Scholastic Art awards this year. Numerous students showcased multiple pieces in the show, sometimes even across different artistic disciplines. The artwork created by Hingham High School students that is displayed in the showcase truly highlights the talent of Hingham High School students, as well as the strength of the Hingham High School arts curriculum.