Class of 2018 Senior Prom


Abby Fennelly

Prom-goers walking the red carpet before heading to Lombardo’s where the prom itself was held.

Edan Larkin, Editor-in-Chief

As the year trudges on for juniors, sophomores, and freshman, high school has already come to a close for seniors. Along with events such as graduation and Senior Night, one of the many anxiously awaited senior festivities is the senior prom. For Hingham High School seniors, this highly anticipated night transpired on Thursday, May 31st, 2018.

To kick off the night, most prom-goers gathered at different seniors’ houses with large groups of friends to take photos for the occasion. After this, buses arrived to take everyone to arguably the most memorable moment of the night and one of the most memorable moments of high school in general–the red carpet walk at Hingham Harbor.

One-by-one, buses arrived, filled with red-carpet-ready students. The seniors and their dates left the buses in pairs and took their turns walking across the notorious red carpet leading first to the gazebo and then out onto the grass while hundreds of spectators watched and cheered from the sidelines. The prom-goers looked amazing in their dresses and suits as they strut the carpet, smiling widely.

“For me, as a junior…  the red carpet was really special for me. When our bus pulled up for the red carpet, everyone was nervous and excited because there were so many people there from all over town… it really brings the community together,” said junior Kira Maguire, reminiscing on her first experience with the red carpet, something she eagerly awaits next year as well.

After taking more photos at Hingham Harbor, the prom-goers once again boarded their buses and headed to Lombardo’s, the final destination for the evening. Here, everyone ate dinner, danced, had some dessert, and danced some more.

Mrs. Bruno, the Senior Class Adviser, put an immense amount of time and effort into ensuring this prom went off without a hitch, and she succeeded in the eyes of everyone who attended.

Mrs. Bruno spoke, “I thought it was pretty successful in terms of the number of kids that stayed until the end, the number of kids on the dance floor… I thought they were overall happy.”

“[My favorite part] was when Flynn Erickson finished his dinner and immediately ran out to the dance floor and started the party,” Mrs. Bruno recalled with a laugh. “He literally bolted, and was dancing by himself.”

The venue for the occasion was Lombardo’s, an event venue in Randolph. The decision to hold the prom here seemed rather popular among prom-goers, all of whom spoke highly of the venue itself as well as the decorations selected by the Prom Committee.

“I really liked the venue, Lombardo’s was really nice. I think that the Prom Committee–[Mrs. Bruno], Maeve Lee, Jake Quilty, etc– did such a great job decorating everything. When you walked in there were red and white balloons lining the walls. The DJ was really good, too,” added junior Kira Maguire.

The prom-goers summarized the night as filled with dancing, laughing, and unity. As one of the last class-wide events the current seniors ever had or will ever have together before parting ways indefinitely, the night was cherished and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

“Everyone was hanging with each other even if they weren’t the closest of friends. It was really nice,” said junior attendee Clara Kingsbury of her experience.

“I think I’m going to miss the camaraderie and the tight-knit nature of their class the most,” continued Mrs. Bruno “They really all seem to click. I saw kids on the dance floor who I know aren’t friends and they were all having fun. It was really encouraging. That’s what I’m really going to miss about them.”

“Senior prom was a wonderful closer for the class of 2018! We were lucky [to have] beautiful weather, but even more so [to have] a hardworking group of class officers and advisors who put in countless hours securing a great venue, decorations and food,” gushed senior Kyra McConnell.

Even though the members of the HHS Class of 2018 will soon be venturing along their own individual paths, they clearly have created a strong and lasting bond during their time here at HHS. They will miss spending each day together and the underclassmen and staff will certainly miss having them here. But the future truly has so much in store for the Class of 2018, making the end of its run here at Hingham High School best described as bittersweet.

Link to Andrew Mariner’s photo gallery from the night: