The Class of 2018 Graduates


Annmarie Fennelly

The members of the graduating class of 2018 throw their caps into their air in celebration.

High school graduation marks the closing of one chapter in life and the start of another. At Hingham High School, it celebrates the end to four years of tests, quizzes, and essays–all of which required discipline and hard work–and the beginning of a long road of self discovery in and outside the classroom.

On Saturday June 2, the HHS band played the well-known song “Pomp and Circumstance” as the class of 2018 graduated from Hingham High School.

The day was quite overcast and drizzly; initially people worried if the ceremony would be moved indoors. However, just before graduation started, the rain stopped and even the sun came out to shine over the graduates.

The ceremony began withe the senior members of the HHS choir singing the National Anthem, which was followed by Mr. Swanson’s first speech as Principal of HHS. He recalled his first year in Hingham, which coincided with the Class of 2018’s first year of elementary school.

Principal Swanson’s opening remarks to the Class of 2018 tied back to a quote from Robert F. Kennedy, one of his personal inspirations: “Some look at things the way they are, and ask ‘why?’ I dream of things that never were, and ask, ‘why not?’” He provided examples within his speech of how the Class of 2018 embodied one of his favorite quotations, whether it was through putting on Slut the play in 2017 which helped generate conversation in the community about gender relations and consent, or the Green Team winning the honorable “Green Ribbon” Award in 2015 for the most recycling in public Massachusetts schools. Principal Swanson also highlighted the many trips and activities, and the Class of 2018 was involved in, whether in Japan for the Hingham-Tennoji exchange or the Dominican Republic trip by Outreach 360.

The ceremony also included greetings from the School Committee Chair Michelle Ayer follow by an address from Salutatorian Dylan Davis. Davis shared his thoughts about his 6th grade ambitions as compared to his current ones. Many students could relate to the analogy since they recently received letters from their 6th grade selves in the mail.

After this, Valedictorian Kelly Osterberg delivered her speech where she reminded her classmates that, while ambition is good and success is sweet, it is ultimately more important to find happiness in your relationships, and she hoped all her classmates would remember to cherish those close to them so they may find comfort and joy in their successes.

Following’s Osterberg’s remarks came a speech entitled “Take Your Smile With You” by student speaker Joseph Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh shared his experiences about the power of smiles; no matter what the future brings, he wanted his classmates to remember that a smile is powerful, and spreading kindness to others is no small feat.

Finally, Class President Maeve Lee offered her thanks to her family and her classmates for their support and friendship. When she finished, she led her peers in the moving of the tassel, signifying their shift from student to graduate.

For each and every senior, high school has a different meaning, defined by the obstacles and triumphs each person encountered along the way. Lexi Manning spoke that her proudest high school accomplishment was “making the most amazing group of friends.” Lexi explained that because of her teachers at Hingham High School, she feels prepared to start college at Saint Olaf’s College in Minnesota.

For Max Schneider, his proudest accomplishment was the lacrosse team winning State Championships in 2017. His advice to underclassmen is to “introduce yourself to people you wouldn’t otherwise and try hard early.” Max Schneider plans to attend University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall.

Brendan Chase expressed how his graduation represents a point in his life that beyond “nothing is planned anymore.” His proudest accomplishment was founding the famed and beloved Hackey Sack Club. He suggests to underclassmen, “always ask questions!” Brendan plans to attend Tulane University in the fall.  

For valedictorian Kelley Osterberg, graduation is a “celebration of everything I’ve done so far, and for my family validating all the hard work they have put into me.” Her proudest accomplishment is making All-States for music in her junior year. Her advice to underclassmen is to “work hard, try to have fun along the way, and be proud of your family.” Kelly plans to attend Northwestern University in the fall.

When asked about the best thing about the class of 2018, saletorian Dylan Davis responded, “there are a lot of things great about the class of 2018, but the best, which I found out at prom, is that we really love to dance, and we can have a lot of fun doing it.” Principal Swanson seconded Dylan’s opinion, claiming, as someone who has been to twenty-two consecutive HHS proms, that the Class of 2018’s had the most people fill up the dance floor.

Principal Swanson admits that he will truly miss the “spirit, energy and goodness” of the Class of 2018.

As the HHS band, led by Mr. Cincotta played “Invicta,” caps flew into the air.

While the members of the Class of 2018 await their next adventures, the underclassmen walk in less crowded hallways, miss their upperclassmen friends, and anxiously await the start of summer.

Another year at HHS passes.