Mrs. Whitney Retires to Hong Kong


Liv Casey

Mrs. Whitney smiles in front of a white board of practice problems in her classroom.

Liv Casey, Managing Editor

Janet Whitney is a celebrated member of the Hingham High staff and a beloved chemistry teacher to many students. As the final days of the school year rapidly approach we must unfortunately, bid her goodbye as she prepares to take on a new chapter of her life.

Mrs. Whitney announced earlier this year that she would be retiring to Hong Kong to continue teaching chemistry in a new environment. Although she will be incredibly missed, the students and faculty are all extremely happy for her. When students heard about her retirement many of them had some final words they’d like to share before her departure.

Junior, Rachel Ader took Mrs. Whitney’s chemistry class as a sophomore and claims, “There is no better person at this school than Mrs. Whitney. Chemistry is a class that most people are inclined to dislike because it is very difficult, but Mrs. Whitney was such a great teacher and she was the reason why I was able to understand and love Chemistry. I’m going to miss her a lot, I really am. She is an amazing person and Hong Kong is lucky to have her.” As most students can attest, chemistry is an incredibly difficult subject, but Mrs. Whitney was able to spark passion for the class in even the most disinterested of students.

Ashton Burbank, a senior that had Mrs. Whitney for chemistry last year shares, “Mrs. Whitney is probably one of the smartest people I know. She is such a great teacher and she was very understanding about everyone’s individual learning processes. I bet she’ll do wonderful things in Hong Kong.” Mrs. Whitney is remembered often for her ability to break down information in a way that was considerate to the different styles of learning that each student possess. It didn’t matter if one was a a chemistry whizz or confused by the most basic of sciences, Mrs. Whitney could effectively communicate her lessons to every type of student she had.

Emma Bucey was the only Junior to take Mrs. Whitney’s AP chemistry class this year. There were only seven students in total that took the class which made it a daunting prospect for everyone that considered taking it, but Emma shares, “ It was probably the best class I’ve had this year because Mrs. Whitney was always so excited to have us in her class, and she was always so supportive and extremely helpful. Now that the seniors are gone and I’ve got to know her even more I’m even more sad that she is leaving. However, I am so thankful for her and I wish her the best in Hong Kong”.

Mrs. Whitney has enjoyed her time at Hingham High immensely, primarily because of her wonderful colleagues and attentive students. She is extraordinarily excited to, “see another part of the world and experience how school is structured in another culture.” As for what she is going to miss the most about Hingham High, Mrs. Whitney jokes, “giving Mrs. Coughlin a high five every day”.

Although she will be missed tremendously by faculty and students alike, everyone at Hingham High is very supportive of her move to Hong Kong, and very aware of how lucky they were to have had Mrs. Whitney as a teacher at all.