Hingham High Takes On Jazz


Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert

The high school Jazz band opened their set with the piece, “Ornithology.” The talented saxophone players range from 8th to 12th grade. The piece featured solos from many musicians including Delia Delorie on piano.

Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert, Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, June 13, the Hingham Music Department held its annual Jazz Concert, a show that featured the many talented musicians of Hingham High School and Hingham Middle School. The concert also doubled as a send-off for the student graduating from participating schools.

The director of both jazz bands, Brian Cincotta, prepared the students to be the talented musicians seen on stage. Dr. Joseph Young additionally conducted a small group of six singers in the Jazz Ensemble. This group sang with a high level of musicality and performed improv solos.

“I thought it went really well!” Junior piano player Delia Delorie commented. “We felt really prepared to go into it, and it was just really nice to hear how our hard work paid off.” The concert made for a good ending to the school year and created an enjoyable night for both the musicians as well as the audience.