Introducing New Teacher Ms. Cataldo


Keely Jordan

Ms. Cataldo will teach U.S. and World History this year.

Keely Jordan, Contributing Writer

Jamie Cataldo is a new teacher at Hingham High School this year. She teaches Level 2 U.S. history for 11th graders and Level 3 World History 10th graders.

Cataldo grew up in Hingham and went to Hingham High for all 4 years of high school. Even as a child she always wanted to be a teacher. While she was at Hingham High, she was on the Cross Country and Track teams and did Latin club. She really enjoyed her high school career as a student at Hingham High and said it definitely influenced her return. Cataldo shared, “I had really good teachers and it was an overall really good experience and I am very lucky to be working here now.”

She went to college at Richmond University before returning to Massachusetts and getting her Masters at Boston College. She majored in History and Classical Civilization. After teaching World History for 4 years at Franklin High School, she returned to her hometown to teach for her 5th year. She said she decided to teach in Hingham because “[i]t’s my hometown, and the teachers seemed to really love it here and I loved it as a student, plus its good to be home.”

In her free time, she enjoys running and is the assistant Cross Country coach at HHS. She also likes to read and travel, and currently spends a lot of her time planning her wedding. If she wasn’t teaching History she says that she would love to teach Latin.

She had some trouble picking her favorite part of being a teacher as she loves everything about teaching. She says that she loves getting to be in the classroom with students and describes that she feels teaching keeps her feeling young. Despite her love for teaching, she says she does have trouble keeping on top of grading.

Some fun facts about Ms. Cataldo include that she and her friends won the Lip Sync battle back when they went to Hingham High and she has a dog named Bonkers.

The faculty at HHS is very excited to have Ms. Cataldo as a new teacher. Ms. Roth, who had Ms. Cataldo as a student when Cataldo attended HHS, said, “I’m thrilled that Ms. Cataldo has joined the HHS faculty. She’s always been so excited about history and learning in general since her days as a student here. Her intellect and positive spirit are wonderful assets to Hingham students.” Ms. Cataldo is equally excited to be teaching at Hingham High School this year.