Hingham High’s Coin Wars


Keely Jordan

The coin wars pitted class against class for a good cause.

Keely Jordan, Contributing Writer

During the week of October 15th, Hingham High School hosted the Coin Wars. The fundraiser was held during lunch every day as a part of the festivities of spirit week. Members of StuCo and various teachers promoted student participation in the coin war all throughout the week.

The goal of the Coin Wars was to raise money for Student Council in a fun way to encourage all students to take part. StuCo plans to donate most of the money raised to Nephcure. StuCo and the members of Hingham High School all actively support Nephcure’s mission to find a cure for kidney disease.

This fundraiser was thought of by the Fundraising Committee of the Student Council. By making the fundraiser an entertaining and engaging competition between the grades, students are more likely to participate. The competitive nature of the Coin Wars gives students the motivation to participate and attempt to win for their grade.

As a Fundraising Committee Head and a part of Student Council, Anna Wagner said, “StuCo is working really hard to fundraise a lot of money so we really want as much participation as possible.”

As of now, there are no plans to have another Coin Wars this year. StuCo may do another one depending on the success of this fundraiser. For now, the Fundraising Committee is working hard to think of new and interesting fundraisers to spark participation throughout the school.

At the moment, the earnings of each grade are being counted and a winner will be announced soon! StuCo hopes that this fundraiser was an enjoyable experience and encourages the student body to take part in many more in the future.  

Morgan Hurley, Vice President of the freshman class spoke about the importance of the Coin Wars. She stated, “As a class leader I think it is important for me and my fellow students to lead by example. Especially when it comes to fundraising for something so personal to our school and community. The coin war was a way for our whole school to effectively raise this money in a fun, and competitive way.”

Whether it be a student, teacher, STUCO member, or class officer, all members of the Hingham High School community understand the import role fundraisers such as the Coin Wars play in making HHS a better place.