Seniors Showcase Global Projects at 6th Annual GCP Symposium


Lizzie Quinlivan

The Gund Kwok Asian Women’s Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe welcomes seniors to the Global Symposium

Lizzie Quinlivan, Junior Editor

On Wednesday, May 15, senior members of the Global Citizenship Program showcased their cultural exploration projects and received their Global Certificates at the 6th annual Global Symposium.

The Global Citizenship Program is an application-based club in which accepted students commit to a global project concerning a global issue of their choosing. Before graduation, seniors fulfil this requirement by completing global travel or a global-themed local project.

When the Global Symposium began, members of the certificate program and their parents crowded the cafeteria and discussed each senior’s unique project. Junior Bella MacNaughton shared, “It was fun to see everyone’s unique travel experience and it was definetly helpful for planning my project for next year.”After visitors rotated around the tables, GCP President Molly Schwall welcomed everyone and thanked all GCP members for a successful year.

Before the seniors were presented with their certificates, GCP welcomed Gund Kwok Asian Women’s Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe. The group celebrated the year of the pig with a pig dance and finished their performance with a cultural dragon dance. After the performance, the dance troupe members invited students in the audience to try on the dance pieces.

Next, the advisors, Mrs. Garland, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Pollard, and Ms. Beischel recognized the seniors in their respective advisory groups who had completed their travel projects and received their official global certificates. Following the introduction of the members, the advisors recognized particularly exemplary projects, including those of seniors Kara May, Molly Schwall, Sydney Hook, Fiona Bradley, and Emma Busby.

The ending of the symposium officially brought a close to the GCP careers of the seniors. Congratulations to all seniors who received their Global Certificates!