Hingham’s Global Citizenship Program Promotes Global Engagement


Lizzie Quinlivan

Hingham High School Alumna and former Global Citizenship Program member Lily Deneen stands next to her “Disney Around the World” portfolio project that gained her a Global Competency Certificate.

Lizzie Quinlivan, Editor-in-Chief

The start of a new school year presents the opportunity for all students to explore new interests, especially in regards to Hingham High School’s numerous clubs and activities. During the first few weeks of September, all students are encouraged to attend different club meetings in order to get a good sense of some of the many programs Hingham has to offer. 

One of these programs is the Global Citizenship Program. This program has two branches that allow any HHS students to participate. The first branch is the Global Citizenship Club, which is open to all students who are interested in attending monthly meetings and learning about global issues and global involvement opportunities. 

The second branch is the Global Certificate Program, which is an application based program. Students can apply to the program at the end of their freshman or sophomore year. In the certificate program, students are required to attend at least one monthly event, and must complete a travel or travel-equivalent project and present their project at the Global Symposium in May in order to receive their global certificate. 

The program encourages students to partake in global learning through club events, as well as global learning through their own project. The executive board hosts monthly global events related to global holidays, different cultures, and their own projects. President Ava Knoll explains, “we host monthly events before, during, and after school that are open to all students.” She adds, “the program is a great way to get involved and learn more about different cultures.”

Members of the club can also host their own events. Seniors who have completed their projects often host events for other club members and allow students to observe and learn about their projects. If students choose not to host events for their projects, they can complete an independent project and present their findings to the audience at the Global Symposium in May. 

At the Global Symposium, seniors display their global projects and portfolios. The symposium also includes a performance by a global-themed dance troupe or music performance. In addition, the certificates are presented to seniors who have completed the program. Senior Leanne Moczynski reflects, “the symposium is really informative and it’s fun to see all of the hardwork students in the certificate program have completed.” 

Along with the symposium, the Global Citizenship Program offers a variety of global events open to all members of the Hingham High School student body. The club’s first meeting of the year will take place on Friday, September 20, and is open to all students interested in pursuing global engagement throughout their high school career.