How Old Is Too Old To Trick Or Treat?


Keely Jordan

Freshmen Alexandria Dumas (right) and Haley Cogill (left) show their school and Halloween Spirit by dressing as a football player and cheerleader.

Keely Jordan, Managing Editor

Most children spend their Halloween “Trick or Treating” in hopes of collecting large amounts of candy. As children grow older, however, this tradition becomes less popular, and usually refrain from this beloved tradition once they enter their teenage years. Nevertheless, some still want continue this favorite childhood tradition as teenagers, yet feel pressured to discontinue this tradition at an early age. 

On Thursday, October 31, many Hingham High School students wore Halloween costumes to school, encouraged by the Student Council to do so. Many of the costumes were creative and homemade. Unfortunately, many of these students do not have the opportunity to wear their costumes outside of school, as very few choose to Trick or Treat. For many, wearing costumes during the school day was the only opportunity to participate in any Halloween activities.  

When asked how old is too old to Trick or Treat, most students at HHS answered “never.” However, few of these students actually choose to Trick or Treat. However, when asked why they choose not to Trick or Treat, students agreed that they believe that adults will not give out candy if a child is too old. Freshman, Caroline McCarthy says, “I feel like they wouldn’t even give us candy, because we’re too old.” Caroline and numerous other students agree that while Trick or Treating with younger siblings is okay, going alone, or with friends, can be considered uncommon, and adults will be hesitant to give candy to teenagers. Even while Trick or Treating with their younger siblings, some students reported being denied candy. 

Some students, however, adamantly believe that it is okay to Trick or Treat as a teenager, and some of these students actually choose to do so. Junior Alex Veno chose to go Trick Or Treating this year. However, when asked how old is too old to Trick or Treat, she responded with, “Seventeen… this is my last year going Trick or Treating”.  

Most teens agree that once a child is old enough to drive to the store and purchase candy for themselves, they are too old to Trick or Treat and should instead stay home and help give candy to Trick or Treaters. However, students have different opinions on the matter, and while some feel pressured to refrain from Trick or Treating, others choose to hold on to this childhood tradition.