Hingham High School Students Are Thankful for School Spirit


Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert

In a amusing event, the Football and Dance team showed their moves in an incredible dance routine.

Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert, Photography Editor

Many Students look at the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as the best day of the school year, as classes are shortened and the anticipation for Thanksgiving festivities lingers among us. This day is extra special as the Hingham High School community takes the time to commemorate and reflect on the incredible fall sports season with an annual Pep Rally! Students flooded the bleachers, combatting the cold temperatures with positive attitudes.

To get students in the spirit, Mrs. Sisk, the performing arts teacher, dressed in a turkey costume after winning the feather fundraiser. Junior and Drama Club member Connor Keliher comments, “I was so excited to see the drama club band together and get Ms.Sisk in the turkey costume!” He adds, “I think we all knew she would be an amazing teacher to be in the costume because of her obvious dramatic backgrounds.” Over the course of the fundraiser, she received over 100 feathers, while the runner-up, Mr. Clune, only received two.

Next, the fall sports teams strutted on to the field, while announcers highlighted each team’s tremendous accomplishments throughout the season. After the Dance Team performed, the Football Team Seniors joined the dancers to perform an amusing dance routine that brought smiles to the whole student body. Finally, all of the fall captains took part in an exhilarating game of numbers where the students had to frantically form groups in certain numbers or else they would face elimination.

While Hingham High students are now enjoying their Thanksgiving break, many are reflecting on how thankful they are for such a spirited school environment. Happy Thanksgiving!