Hingham’s “Hidden Gem” Clubs


Delaney Coppola

From left: sophomores Elle Cavanaugh, Kate Schembri, Caroline Bastardi, and Morgan Buczynski spread ACLU cheer at the 2019-2020 homecoming game.

Delaney Coppola, Contributing Writer

Many students at Hingham High participate the variety of the clubs offered at the school. From Beekeeping Club to French Club to Best Buddies, there truly is a club for everyone. If you are looking for a new club to try, here are a few “hidden gems” in the large collection of HHS club options: 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 

A recent addition to HHS, sophomores Elle Cavanaugh, Ellie Boles, Kate Schembri, Leah May, and Mila Ranocha initiated the school’s ACLU chapter at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Under advisor Mr. Haflin, the ACLU club works to educate and spread awareness on current human rights issues and involve students at a community level. Sophomore leader Elle Cavanaugh says, “our ACLU chapter is a great way to learn more about the civil liberties and rights under the constitution and make a difference starting within our own school.” 

The club strives to involve students with informative presentations on a variety of topics including criminal justice, immigration, and reproductive rights. Along with information, the club provides further immersion into the ACLU’s mission with events, field trips, and volunteer opportunities. Hingham’s chapter of the ACLU headed to the Boston ACLU office to watch a screening of the documentary The Great Hack in November. With pizza and snacks, this movie day provided an amazing experience for many club members as well as an important discussion on modern privacy and technology rights. Other opportunities for involvement include handing out ROE Act Postcards at the primary polls this Tuesday, March 3rd. These events allow students to become involved in the country’s laws and decisions, even if they are not yet of voting age.

If you are interested in human rights, making a difference, or just trying something new, the ACLU offers a welcoming environment. Meetings are announced in the Facebook group, and interested student are encouraged to contact Mr. Haflin, Elle Cavanaugh, Ellie Boles, Mila Ranocha, Kate Schembri, or Leah May! All are welcome! 

Medical Sciences 

Led by advisor Mrs. Diedricksen, the Medical Sciences Club offers great opportunities to anyone interested in medicine, biology, science, and anatomy.

One of the co-presidents, senior Caroline Raso, explains, “the main goal is to help students gain new insights and exposure to careers and topics in the medical field through field trips, speakers, and labs.” In the past, the club has brought in guest physicians and pharmacists to talk about their experiences in medicine, their education journeys, and daily responsibilities at their respective jobs. The club has also conducted a dissection to study anatomy through a hands-ons perspective. Sophomore member Dee O’Donnell recalls that the Medical Science Club offers “many activities which no other club does, including a rat dissection, which was a really cool experience.” 

Medical Sciences club further supports its members’ learning with enticing field trips. The most recent trip explored the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. This exhibit, fueled by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, presents the marvel of the human body through preserved specimens. The displays allowed students to see organs, muscles, and tissues of the human body at different stages in real life, rather than simply through drawings or visuals. Opportunities like these allow students to delve further into their studies of science and expand their knowledge surrounded by others with similar interests. 

If guest speakers, dissections, presentations, and field trips pique your interest, be sure to attend the next meeting! For more information on the Medical Sciences Club, contact Mrs. Diedricksen. All are welcome!

Girls’ Learn International (GLI)

Under the leadership of advisor Mrs. Papuga and presidents Maja Nielsen and Emma Sommers (seniors), Girls’ Learn International Club meets weekly to present on women’s issues and accomplishments around the world. From discussions on the fashion industry to gender stereotypes to women in music, this club explores the many impacts women have had on world history as well as the inequalities faced by the female gender. 

Another goal of GLI is to fundraise for a charity chosen each year through selling products at homecoming, the holiday fair, and utilizing other opportunities to spread awareness. This year, the Emusoi Center in Tanzania will receive GLI’s profits. The Emusoi Center works to provide a safe environment for womens’ education in an area where women are often traded in marriage or business deals. While GLI strives to recognize the talented female role models who pave the way for equal rights and new opportunities, the club members also learn about the different struggles women have faced and continue to face across the globe.

GLI also offers unique meetings, as members can create and present their own topics if they choose to. Sophomore member Ava Malloy comments, “I like how different people present each week because everybody is involved and the presentations show what people are interested in.” The club’s inclusive meeting style contributes to a welcoming environment and intriguing discussions on a variety of topics each week.

If you enjoy learning about women’s rights and inspirational females or fundraising for deserving charities, Girls’ Learn International is the perfect club for you. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:30 in the ceramics room! All are welcome!