Board Games to Pass Time in Quarantine


Keely Jordan

Board games are a great way to spend time with your family during quarantine.

Keely Jordan, Managing Editor

With social distancing policies in place throughout much of America with the hopes of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are spending much more time at home than usual. Finding ways to occupy this time and fight the inevitable boredom that comes from not being allowed to leave the house can be difficult. One way to pass this time is to play boardgames with the entire family. Below is a list of recommended board games based on ranked the top-selling board games of all time. Each game listed can be played by a family of 3 or more people.

Cranium: Cranium is a fun game where players can show off a variety of skills that fit into certain categories. They can do art-based challenges such as drawing or sculpting, performance-based challenges like singing or playing a brief game of charades, knowledge-based challenges like answering trivia questions or solving math problems, or language-based challenges that involve spelling or solving word-based clues. 

Blokus: Blokus is an entertaining strategy and puzzle game for 2-4 players where players attempt to take up as much territory with blocks of their color as they can. The game is easy to learn and offers an exciting challenge for all ages. 

Risk: Risk is a game of strategy and war. The goal is to take over the world by capturing territory for your country. By rolling dice, players can take over up to 42 territories, providing an exciting challenge for all. 

Pictionary: Pictionary is a fun game for the entire family! The game is similar to charades, but instead of acting players will attempt draw the definition of a word as other players try to guess the word in this fun and family-oriented game.   

The Game Of Life: Life is a classic game for the family where the goal is to simply make it to the end of the board with the most points. It’s fun for all ages and is easy to learn, making it a perfect addition to family game nights.  

Candy Land: For families with smaller children, Candy Land is a wonderful way to keep everyone entertained. The game is very simple, and its charming nature and colorful game board make it timeless.

Trivial Pursuit: Trivial pursuit is a classic trivia perfect for the entire family. Players must answer pop culture and general knowledge questions in order to gain points. It’s the perfect way to show off your knowledge in a fun family game night!

Clue: Another classic! Clue is the classic “whodunnit” mystery game that has delighted players for decades. The goal is to figure out who committed a murder, how they did it, and the weapon they used. The game requires some strategy, good guesswork, and just the right amount of luck to crack the case.

Scrabble: Scrabble is a famous game of spelling and connecting words. It proves a challenge every game and provides hours of fun for all ages. This game is especially good for keeping the mind sharp while out of the classroom.

Monopoly: Monopoly is a classic American board game famous for its incredibly long play times. The goal of the game is to make the most money while trying to bankrupt your opponents. It is incredibly fun and is guaranteed to keep families occupied for hours!