Remembering Covid-19 in 2020-A Fifth Grade Perspective


Photo Courtesy of Melissa Hamrock and the Pollenz family

William Pollenz, South Elementary School Contributing Writer

The Coronavirus has impacted many people’s lives, but sadly we do not have the time to interview everybody in the world, so you are just going to hear how it impacted my life. During all of this self-quarantining, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster from day one. In the middle of March, I was happy that we were getting a few days off of school. Also, I knew that all of my family and friends were safe and healthy. Then reality set in… 

All of my sports started to get cancelled. I couldn’t play with my friends. I couldn’t see any movies at the movie theater. I was getting very disappointed. All I could do was stay at home with my family. I love spending time with my family, but this is a little too much. I’m in fifth grade and missing the last year at South School is tough. 

After two weeks of being quarantined at my house, I started to get used to the new normal. I don’t mind home-schooling from a computer. I am an early riser, so right when I get up I can do all my school work. I also love doing Zoom calls with my class. I like to see how everybody is holding up during the Coronavirus. As a fifth grade kid, this experience has been rough and bumpy, but we are all in this together, just six feet apart.