A Guide to At Home Motivation


Patricia Mcdonald

Hingham Residence keeping our community motivated with kindness rocks which line Main street.

Delaney Coppola, Contributing Writer

As the weeks continue to pass stuck at home, it can become increasingly difficult to get out of bed and tackle daily responsibilities. Whether swamped with school assignments, struggling to work from home, or putting off chores around the house, deciding how and when to start can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a sign to motivate, here are five tips to kickstart a productive day:

  1. Maintain a Schedule

Without the normalcy of school and work schedules, many people have entire days open and free of plans. Although this freedom can be beneficial, it also allows for more time to procrastinate and promotes an unbalanced daily life. Many professionals and educators believe creating and following a schedule will teach valuable life lessons including time management and self-regulation (NY Times). Freshman Griffin Coppola comments on his remote learning schedule explaining, “I usually do homework on weekdays from 10a.m. to 12p.m. It’s helpful to plan my day out and get assignments finished on time”. While learning or working from home, consider choosing a set time to focus each day. Maintaining a sense of schedule and purpose can boost productivity and prevent last minute stress.

  1. Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Although it can be tempting to stay up all night without the usual early morning wake-up calls of school and jobs, a decrease in the amount of sleep or drastic change in sleep schedule can prove harmful to one’s health. A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveals that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep experience 19-29% more productivity loss compared to people with 7-8 hours of sleep (aasm.org). Waking up refreshed and renewed after a full night’s sleep encourages a day full of motivation and progress. 

  1. Make a To-Do List

Especially at the beginning of a new week, the long list of tasks for the days ahead seems impossibly overwhelming. Writing assignments and responsibilities down creates a more manageable attack and provides a feeling of fulfillment when checking off a completed project. Freshman Katie Sweeney reflects on this method commenting, “I love making to-do lists on the notes app on my phone because it’s always right there and I can check off what i’ve already done”. An easily accessible list can help motivate people to concentrate on their tasks and hold them accountable for what has been done versus what needs to be done.

  1. Exercise

In this time of isolation, working out outdoors can break the chain of procrastination and tiredness one may feel after many days at home. Scientific research has proved that exercising releases beneficial chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in the brain which not only improve attention span, focus, and motivation; but also benefit mental health and mood. Try getting outside and walking, running, biking, doing yoga, or trying countless other exercise options to set a positive mindset and boost productivity. 

  1. Find a Quality Workspace

While away from the classroom or office, strive to find a quiet, structured setting to work in. In the comforts of one’s own home, much of the day can be spent lounging in bed or on the couch. However, many professionals including Forbes business magazine warn against working from bed. Not only can it be harder to concentrate while laying in pajamas and attempting to focus on a serious task, but working from the bed or couch can prove detrimental to sleep schedules as it creates a stressful aura around a place meant for relaxing and sleeping (Forbes). Seek out a suitable place in the home such as a desk, kitchen table, or office free from distractions in order to promote a productive attitude.


The effects of the Coronavirus are widespread, even affecting the ways to learn and work. Although this temporary lifestyle poses a great challenge, working from home doesn’t have to be a struggle with the right mindset and helpful hints like these to add to your routine.