Danielle Harris Spreads Kindness to Local Patients


Heather Harris

Danielle Harris, front and center in blue, stands with South Shore Hospital Staff as they hold the iPads that her efforts made possible. Patients in isolation can now communicate with loved ones because of Danielle’s kindness.

Annmarie Fennelly, Adviser

After so much unrest and sadness this year, the Harborlight was delighted to learn of the joy and goodwill one of our own students spread to others.

Danielle Harris, a rising senior and co-president of the Kindness Club at HHS, recently donated several iPads and $300 in donations to South Shore Hospital so that sick patients may communicate with loved ones without risking a COVID transfer.

After witnessing a family friend afflicted with the Corona virus suffer from isolation away from his wife and children, Danielle felt inspired to find a way to help family members who long to visit but cannot due to quarantine restrictions.

During the early stages of his illness, Danielle shares “…he was intubated and in a medically induced coma; regardless of this, they talked to him [through Facetime] and said prayers for him. As his condition improved, they were able to directly talk with him and keep him company virtually.”

The healing power of human connection prompted Danielle to find a way to make that kind of communication possible for other families. Because of the number of COVID patients, the limited number of devices in the hospital, and the inability to transfer devices from room to room, Danielle knew immediately that she wanted to start collecting both devices and donations that could be immediately put to use.

“I picked South Shore Hospital to donate to for multiple reasons,” Danielle said. “The first being that when our family friend was diagnosed, he was at this hospital. In addition, it is our community’s local hospital. Lastly, the hospital holds a special place in my heart, as I was born there.”

To increase the possibility for more donations, Danielle looked to her school’s club, the Spreading Acts of Kindness Club, her advisers Ms. Jacobson and Ms. Sassorossi, and her co-president Lauren Leibovici for support. She shared information about the fundraiser on the club’s social media pages and asked Mr. Swanson, the school principal, to tweet about it. She also spread word throughout her neighborhood.

The response was immediate. By placing a bin outside of her house, Danielle collected both donations and devices safely. Furthermore, because Danielle’s mom Heather Harris has a close friend who works at South Shore hospital, together they were able to coordinate a date and a place to meet and drop off donations.

After a short time, Danielle collected and donated seven iPads and $300 in monetary donations. Since her initial drop off date, she received two more devices that she dropped off June 24.

Danielle’s efforts remind everyone that we all have the ability to make real, positive changes in the lives of others, even in times as uncertain as these.

If anyone wishes to help Danielle by giving a monetary donation, please make a check out to South Shore Health Foundation and mail it to 55 Fogg Road South Weymouth MA 02190.

To donate an iPad, kindle, or iPod touch, contact Danielle via email at daniharris45@gmail.com to arrange a safe pick-up.