Remote Learning: a Quote Story



A student completes online schoolwork.

Sarah Bryden, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since the start of the pandemic in March, life has been full of constant change and readjustment. Now it is September, and the biggest readjustment yet is only beginning: a school year which, for two weeks, will be completely online, and then switch to a hybrid model.

At the Harborlight, we asked students how they felt about this school year, and the consensus was clear: despite concerns about technology functionality, staying focused, and seeing friends, many students are incredibly optimistic about the 2020-2021 school year, and are grateful to be returning at all.

Here are some Hingham students’ thoughts on remote learning thus far, in their own words:

Pria Parker, senior: “I’ve actually really enjoyed remote learning so far. I’ve had little to no tech problems and everything seems to be going smoothly. Though i’d love to be in person and see everybody face to face, I think this style of learning is working well and keeping everyone safe. Plus, it gives students more freedom and flexibility with their schedule, which I have enjoyed.”

 Dom Kanter, junior: “I think it’s been a good start and it’s been very nice and helpful to have live teaching. I also think that the school has put together a good schedule that has helped limit wear on students that may have otherwise existed due to the increase in using technology.”

Ella Kennedy, junior: “Starting off school with remote learning kind of took away my excitement for going back to school.”

Maddie McPhillips, sophomore: “It’s kind of like a rollercoaster, there’s different turns to it, and there’s ups and downs. Some things are certain, like the global pandemic going on. Some things, not so much, like when we will return to in-school learning and what that will be like.”

Alex Denning, junior: “I’m just glad to have structure back in my remote learning. So far I’d say it’s much better than it was in the spring, though sometimes the hours sitting in front of the screen is hard.”

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Emily Conroy, junior: “I think that obviously the school is doing the best that they can in such an extreme and unprecedented time, but there are still issues with remote learning. My family has had to get two different Wi-Fi networks to make the internet connection strong in my house because four people are on Zoom at the same time, and even then it is not perfect and sometimes my internet connection will lag. Also, I know from myself and talking with friends that an hour and fifteen minutes is a really long time to concentrate on school. However, all of this aside, I am glad that we are able to go back to school and learn again and overall I think that remote learning is a good alternative to school in person.”

Reese Williams, senior: “It’s confusing but I know I will get used to it and end up enjoying it. The senior stickers say ‘ready for virtually anything’ and that is truly the case. We don’t know what’s to come.”

Kate Schembri, junior: “I think my time management has been much better, and I like having easier access to my teachers for extra help.”

Charlie Niehoff, freshman: “I am stoked for the school year. I’m ready to experience high school for the first time. I am not so excited for the regulations that the school has put in place. I believe that our learning restrictions will hurt our future more than Covid-19 will do to our bodies. Although, this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.”

Kaleigh Cirafice, junior: “I am skeptical about the effectiveness of virtual learning this year. We are unable to do all of the things that we would during a normal school year. I am going to miss just being around people and having day-to-day conversations.”

“I’m excited to see how both my teachers and classmates will handle remote learning this year! It’s such a new experience for all of us, so I think everyone is struggling a bit.”

— Cara Chiappinelli, junior

Julia Burm, senior: “I have found online learning pretty challenging. A few times, my computer has lagged while teachers were giving instructions, and the teachers generally do not want to repeat themselves several times due to the limited class times, or they assume that I wasn’t listening. Having stable Wi-Fi connections while three other people in my house are using the internet at the same time has been really difficult!”

Camille Boer, junior: “Having 4 hours of school every day instead of 6 is so much better for my mental health. I am not stressed about time anymore and feel much more relaxed.”

Lea Theopholis, junior: “Going fully remote for the first two weeks is going to be very tough. I miss being in school and having ‘normal’ classroom interactions. I’m also curious to see how the hybrid plan will work. I feel like we are going to be switching off between remote and hybrid multiple times, which may be stressful for some students.”

Ellie Boles, junior: “I really like how we only have three classes a day, so it is less stressful because we only have to worry about three classes. I also think it is more organized and structured than the spring which I like.”

Cara Chiappinelli, junior: “I’m excited to see how both my teachers and classmates will handle remote learning this year! It’s such a new experience for all of us, so I think everyone is struggling a bit.”