HHS Clubs: A COVID Experience


Ellie Fabbro

An example of the postcards filled out at the Sunrise Club’s socially distant meeting.

Delaney Coppola, Contributing Writer

From hybrid learning to unconventional sports seasons, adjusting to this 2020-2021 school year has been quite the challenge. Luckily another aspect of the HHS community, clubs, have also found new ways to adjust. 

Witnessing the successful use of Zoom for online classes, many clubs have followed suit. While Zoom meetings are important to protect the health and safety of all participants, it can be difficult to have the same level of interaction and discussion as an in person meeting. For this reason, club leaders have taken initiative in finding creative ways to create opportunities.

For instance, this past Wednesday (October 21), the Medical Sciences Club, led by junior Deirdre O’Donnell, brought in Ashley Keating, a pediatric nurse practitioner from the Joslin Diabetes Center. Learning about Keating’s career and engaging in a Q&A with a real medical professional resulted in an informative and interesting meeting, even as the members participated remotely from their respective houses. Freshman member Liz Schembri reflects, “The medical sciences club has been such a great experience for me! It’s such a welcoming group and it has been really cool to connect with other students who share similar career interests.” For freshman club members, these virtual meetings are the first sense of HHS club community and club leaders have been sure to find inventive ways to continue the exciting atmosphere despite the disconnect of computer screens.

Also utilizing Zoom, Hingham High’s ACLU chapter has worked to organize safe and impactful activities, such as starting off the year with a phone bank. Co-founder Elle Cavanaugh (junior) describes the upcoming event explaining, “Phone banks are excellent ways to advocate for issues you care about. Since we’ve been having virtual meetings, we hope this activity will draw many participants in. This past week, we prepared with some phone bank training, but if you missed the training and still want to participate, you can!” Unable to organize some of the popular ACLU activities from last year such as Boston trips and movie nights due to coronavirus restrictions, the phone bank offers a fun opportunity to advocate for civil rights and promote beneficial change in the community, all while spending time with friends. With many important decisions represented in the upcoming election, there is no better time than the present to encourage family, friends, and the community to research the questions on the ballot and increase voter participation. If you are interested in participating in the phone book, check out the Facebook and Instagram page.

Other clubs, such as the Sunrise Club led by juniors Ellie Fabbro and Tyler O’Connor, have opted to do a mix of Zoom and in-person meetings (outdoors with masks and social distancing precautions). A new club to HHS, Sunrise Club promotes exposure for the Sunrise Movement, which educates

A screenshot from ACLU’s Phone Bank Training this Monday. (Delaney Coppola)

teens on the climate change crisis. The members met last Monday, October 12, in Wompatuck State Park for a discussion and activity. Co-leader Tyler O’Connor reflects on the meeting’s agenda explaining, “In order to make changes, we decided to write letters encouraging people to vote in favor of the new Green Deal (since most of our members aren’t eligible to vote yet!)… We managed to send out 100 letters within an hour time frame and it seemed to be super successful despite the circumstances.” An in person meeting, coupled with the necessary safety precautions, can be a good way to get outside and off the screens students now spend so much time on during the school days. 

Whether in person, on Zoom, or with a combination of virtual and live meetings, HHS clubs have returned in full swing and provide amazing opportunities to create change in the community and connect with people who have similar interests. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the HHS community, joining one of the many diverse clubs the school has to offer is a choice you will not regret!