Are Fall Sports Tournaments Happening as Planned?


Maryellen Jones

Despite challenges, Hingham boys soccer will still be participating in the Patriot League Cup.

Trevor Buckeridge, Contributing Writer

Fall Sports tournaments, are they happening or not? With football postponed until February and crew being restricted to only practices, for some people this isn’t even in question. As the season has gone on, a few sports found a way to make their Patriot League tournaments happen.
The Hingham High School Golf Team is one team that has found a way to plan a tournament amid the hectic environment COVID-19 has created. On November third, the Boys Golf Team will have their championship. They have not yet decided what course they will be playing at, but they do have many other details already put in place. According to Ryan Bordeau, a sophomore on the varsity team, “Only the top 6 kids play, so the golf team is having tryouts all week. Masks will be worn off the course, but once you get on the course you can take off the mask as long as you practice social distancing.”
While the golf team does have a solid plan put in place, other sports are still figuring things out. The cross country team is hopeful that they will be able to put something together before the end of the season. Volleyball is another sport that is still putting together the details. However, they believe they will be able to have a Patriot League Tournament.
Both the boys and girls soccer teams have had a tough time this year, having to make several changes to how they play the game to keep it safe. Despite these challenges, they are still going to hold a Patriot League Cup. Jack Murtagh, a sophomore on the Boys Varsity Team explained, “It’s played at towns around here from Quincy to Plymouth, it involves every team in both divisions of the patriot league, and we follow the new COVID guidelines for soccer.” He went on to explain that teams that qualify for this tournament will play one game every week with the location depending on whom you are playing. When a team loses a game, they are no longer in the tournament until only two teams remain for a big final.