Giving Thanks in 2020


Hingham XC/Track Boosters

Hingham’s annual Turkey Trot looked slightly different this year as participates as the race was held virtually.

Meghan Carr, Contributing Writer

Despite the current circumstances, Thanksgiving never ceases to bring loved ones together, even if it is over Zoom! This year, experts urged people to remain distant over the holiday and practice safe COVID-19 protocols, especially since the US’s cases are currently skyrocketing. In a recent interview with CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s infectious disease expert, explained the importance of remaining vigilant as, “When you are indoors it becomes more problematic to be able to block the transmission of infection.” He also said the “green zone” locations may have a relatively normal Thanksgiving, while those in the hot-spots or “red zones” had to celebrate with immediate family. However, each family celebration varied, depending on members who are seniors or high risk. 

The CDC also advised people to stay away from traveling or seeing extended family. However, they stressed the importance of masks, distance, outside set-ups, tests, and persuasions prior, and not sharing utensils or serving dishes for small gatherings. It was of utmost importance to get the baseline of infection down. 

Like many other things, 2020 has intensified food insecurity, destabilizing millions of American families. According to the Washington Post, 26 million American adults did not have enough to eat this past week, especially with the unemployment crisis and overall economic downturn. This trend was majorly prevalent in households with children. Thankfully, citizens nationwide helpfully contributed by handing out food and meals or donating. 

As if circumstances were not hard enough, the Hingham Food Pantry experienced a series of logistical challenges to give meals to unfortunate families during this Thanksgiving. Luckily, thankful Hingham residents took action and quickly raised $25,000, ensuring that no local family would go hungry this holiday season! 

Most of Hingham’s usual Thanksgiving traditions were canceled for COVID-19 safety, including the annual “Turkey Trot,” a 5K running race through Wompatuck. However, this year a virtual run took its place, inspiring many residents to participate wherever they wanted and send in their completion time. It proved an inventive way to engage the town in the safest way possible. 

Hingham High students enjoyed the holiday while following state guidelines. Many had to postpone travel plans or minimalize guest lists. Sophomore Chris Carr reflects, “My family and I stayed home for Thanksgiving rather than going to visit family like we normally do. I missed our normal traditions, but we made the best of it.” 

More than ever, this Thanksgiving was of utmost importance to show gratitude, instilling a sense of optimism and appreciation in such a challenging year. Maybe the delicious food was even enough to cure the (also highly contagious) pandemic fatigue?