Homecoming Sprit Week 2018

Brigid Nugent, Contributing Writer

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Spirit Week, a staple of Hingham High School’s Homecoming and fall season celebrations, occurred last week. Monday morning students and teachers alike showed their class pride by wearing their class colors and decorating their halls. Freshman wore white, sophomores donned black, juniors dressed in blue, and seniors put on red.

Tuesday was Hawaiian day, and the number of students wearing “dad shirts” was immense. This was also the second day Homecoming tickets were on sale during all three lunches.

On Wednesday students were supposed to wear USA colors, or red, white, and blue. Thursday was sports themed, in which freshman wore Celtics jerseys, sophomores wore Red Sox jerseys, juniors wore Bruins jerseys, and seniors wore Patriots jerseys.

“Spirit week is great! It’s a chance to have fun in school, and connect with other students and the town, but I do wish we had a PJ day!” said sophomore Connor Kelliher.

Finally, Friday was themed as Hingham, so all students dressed in red and white. HHS spent roughly the last 40 minutes of the school day enjoying a pep rally to rev up school spirit before all the Homecoming games that followed the next day.

One noticeable absence of the Spirit Week themes this year was Pajama Day, a classic and favorite day. A lot of students were disappointed by the lack of opportunities to wear pajamas this week, including freshman Georgia Pilgrim. She said, “I really like spirit week, but I wish they were more creative with their themed days, like Pajama Day.”

The tradition of spirit week is obviously loved and here to stay, but hopefully the theme days will become more creative and Pajama Day will always be included in future years.

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