Sports Reports 11/6 – Will the Brooklyn Nets be a Good Team this Season?


Jake Bednarski, Staff Sports Columnist

As always, we’ll start with the scores from Week 9.

San Francisco 49ers 28

Arizona Cardinals 25

Considering how good the Giants have looked this season, this was a shocker for teams across the league. The 49ers played great in the first half.

Houston Texans 26

Jacksonville Jaguars 3

This was an easy win for the Texans in London. The Gardner Minshew’s luck has run out for the Jags.

Pittsburgh Steelers 26

Indianapolis Colts 24

Another important upset. An interesting battle is shaping up in the AFC South between the Texans and the Colts for the division lead.

Miami Dolphins 26

New York Jets 18

Miami finally got their first win of the season. Tough calls for the Jets after an overturned TD, and Darnold threw only 1 INT, much better than other games.

Philadelphia Eagles 22

Chicago Bears 14

I had such high hopes for the Bears this season, but after a tough loss to the Eagles, looks like they are out of playoff contention.

Kansas City Chiefs 26

Minnesota Vikings 23

Close win for the Chiefs. Kirk Cousins had a fantastic game, as both teams kept trading the lead. Chiefs must be just counting the days until Mahomes can play again.

Buffalo Bills 24

Washington Redskins 9

The Bills relied on their good defense and running game to win big. RB Singletary ran for 140 yards and a TD.

Carolina Panthers 30

Tennessee Titans 20

Christian McCaffrey is a definite MVP consideration, with 3 TDs in this game alone. 

Seattle Seahawks 40

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34

5 touchdown passes for Russell Wilson gave the Seahawks a big OT win over the Bucs.

Oakland Raiders 31

Detroit Lions 24

The Raiders stuffed the Lions for a close but necessary win. Derek Carr had a good game, with 2 TDs and almost 300 yards.

Denver Broncos 24

Cleveland Browns 19

Backup QB Branden Allen pulled out the win when the Browns couldn’t convert a big 4th down

Los Angeles Chargers 26

Green Bay Packers 11

One of the biggest upsets of the week, the Chargers played out of their minds, while Aaron Rodgers only had 161 yards. 

Baltimore Ravens 37

New England Patriots 20

Another big upset, and a disappointment for the Pats. The Ravens kept pounding the middle on the run, and the Patriots had no answers.

Dallas Cowboys 37

New York Giants 18

The Cowboys pulled out another easy win. RB Elliot has some honest questions about his role in the league, and how he ranks among the league.


For Week 10, here are the teams that have byes:  Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, Patriots, Eagles, and Redskins.

Some good games next week: 

Panthers-Green Bay: After Aaron Rodgers disappointing game last week, we’ll see how he responds and how the Packers defence takes care of Christan McCaffrey. I’m going 24-27 Green Bay

Seahawks-49ers: This is another decisive game for the NFC West. The 49ers had some questions coming out of last week, but the Seahawks looked very strong. I’m thinking 17-21 with the 49ers over the Seahawks.


NBA Takeaways – The first 8(ish) games:

  • The Lakers are off to a great start. 6-1, and it looks like the stars on that team are getting off on a good foot.
  • Brooklyn is at 3-4 – it brings up the question if all the hype of Kyrie and Durant on the same team would bring a new power to the Eastern Conference was unfounded. 
  • Celts starting off where they left off last year – already 5-1. But can they beat the Bucks?

NHL Standings News:

  • The Bruins have blasted forward, winning back the Atlantic Division from the Sabers.
  • Blues are starting off exactly how they started after winning the Stanley Cup last year.
  • What happened to the Sharks? They made the playoffs last year, and now they’ve only won 5.