Reflections on Covid from South School


Photo Courtesy of Leanne Turnak and Chloe Shields

Chloe Shields, South Elementary School Contributing Writer

During this time where everyone is struggling and worried about the current events, I am almost embarrassed to say that, surprisingly, I am doing well. It is hard to hear about families who have lost their jobs, some struggling to pay for food, vehicles, or mortgage. Though I am sad that schools are closed and vacations are canceled, I know these decisions are for the best. 

Birthdays and celebrations will have to be celebrated in unique and different ways. While others focus on the effect of Covid-19, I am focusing on the positive. My family has been playing games at night and taking hikes in the great outdoors while keeping a safe distance.

Distance learning is unique and different from the normal school set up. I have slideshows to fill out with the week’s work that is due Friday. Zoom meetings four days a week helps a lot with my understanding of the day’s lessons and a nice time to see classmates. 

Thank you to all essential workers braving this time where loved ones are being hit hard by the deadly virus. I know if we all stay home and be safe, we will defeat Coronavirus together.