An Unusual Season: Fall Sports 2020


Riley Cotter

Hingham girls’ soccer during the 2019 season. Although games will look different this year, the teams energy and talent remains.

Delaney Coppola, Staff

Many new opinions surrounding the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year have arisen in the recent weeks (see Remote Learning: A Quote Story), but students seem to agree on one topic in particular: the excitement of fall sports. In the past few weeks, the many sports teams have returned to the previously empty high school fields to begin training for the upcoming season. Although competing will look very different this year from sport to sport, the ability to practice (socially-distanced, of course) seems to have spread a new sense of happiness and hope for the upcoming school year.

With sports seasons underway, many of the high school teams have held tryouts in the past days. Sophomore Griffin Coppola reflected on his experience on the Hingham boys’ soccer team, stating, “tryouts were a little different this year, but it’s fun to play with everyone again.” Although having to adapt this year posed a challenge, coaches and administrators have worked hard to find safe and plausible solutions. For example, the two-mile soccer time-trial was arranged differently, Griffin explained: rather than everyone running at once, the team divided into multiple, smaller cohorts and held the trials at different times on separate days to emphasize a safe, socially distanced environment.

The Hingham girls’ cross country team adopted a similar method for their time trial, with groups of 10 girls running at a time and a few minutes between each group to avoid overlap. The cross country team plans to utilize this staggered start method at races against other schools as the season progresses. Senior cross country runner Maeve Lowther reflected on the changes, saying, “I am excited to finally get racing again, although I am sad we will be so divided. I have a feeling this will take away from the competitiveness of the sport and make “pr-ing” [to pr means to achieve a new personal record] a little more challenging, but I am excited nonetheless!” Compared to last year’s races, which sometimes included hundreds of athletes, the new normal for this season might seem a little disappointing and challenging. However, many athletes across all of the sports teams remain optimistic and grateful despite the new requirements. 

On the topic of new rules, this season has prompted the addition of masks to every sports’ equipment. Although students, coaches, and everyone around town has become well accustomed to wearing masks in this pandemic era, practicing and competing with masks will be a necessary challenge. Many athletes, however, have taken this new responsibility in stride, as it is well worth the ability to return to their sports. Hannah Falb, a junior on the field hockey team, said, “I’m so excited field hockey is still happening, even if running with masks is a little difficult. Some of the rules are a little different but I’m just happy to be playing”. Exhibiting a similar positive attitude, junior Riley Cotter of the girls’ soccer team explained, “I’m definitely excited to be playing soccer again, it’s a little different this year because we have to play with masks and there are more rules but I’m just happy to have the season”. 

Mask wearing, adapted rules, and social distancing have definitely made for a fall season like no other for all of the teams at Hingham High, but coaches and athletes alike have adapted well and retaken their claim of the high school’s fields. After months of time off, many students can agree on the excitement of being able to return to practice despite the changes. While things (school and sports included) will hopefully return to normal in the near future, this unusual season will bring many unique memories as well as safety for all participants until then. 

Members of the cross country team snap a photo after their long run!
From left to right: senior Julia Burm, junior Elle Cavanaugh, senior Pria Parker, junior Delaney Coppola, junior Willa Davis