American flags wave in a Hingham cemetery as a sign of respect for those who have fought for our country.

Celebrating Veterans Day

November 12, 2017

The First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas in the aftermath of the shooting on November 5 that killed 26 people and injured at least 20.
Photo via CNN.

Tragedy in Texas

November 12, 2017

North Korean Missile Tests: Is the United States at Risk?

Lizzie Quinlivan

October 15, 2017

After the first North Korean missile test in 1984, tests have become more frequent, and have posed a threat to the United States on multiple occasions. Thus far in 2017, 17 missiles have been launched from North Korea, 10 of which t...

The Struggle for Catalan Independence

Claire Taylor, Contributing Writer

October 8, 2017

Last Sunday, October 1st, 2017, Catalans voted for or against their province’s independence from Spain. Brewing for several hundred years, the influential steps taken on Sunday were followed by immediate attention from around...

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