Breathe Out Day Prioritizes Mental Wellness


Rick Swanson

Ms. Sullivan’s satire class poses with their copies of “The Importance of Being Earnest” while taking in the importance of mental health during Breathe Out Day on Friday.

Susie Anderson, Editor-In-Chief

This past Friday, Hingham High School engaged in a popular “Breathe Out” Day to emphasize the importance of well-being and mental health breaks during the school day. Throughout the school day, students and teachers alike were encouraged to go outside and embrace the nice weather, shifting to an atmosphere of outdoor learning or simply taking a break. On the lawn by the softball field, the Breathe Out club provided footballs and soccer balls, badminton nets, and corn hole. 

The Breathe Out club at HHS prioritizes the wellbeing of students and faculty members alike at the high school. Particularly during fall, a hectic period for everyone — from seniors applying to college to freshmen adjusting to a new school year — reducing stress is paramount. Students around the school were abuzz with excitement for Breathe Out Day; an opportunity to go outside in the brisk fall air and play catch with a classmate, or catch up with friends that they don’t regularly see during the day. Breathe Out Day is a resounding favorite for students throughout HHS as a welcome break during a busy Friday.

Junior Isabel McCabe, a member of the Breathe Out Club, shares that “Breathe out day was awesome.” She explains how grateful she is to “everyone for getting outside last Friday.” Participation in Breathe Out Day is key to its success, as evidenced by last Spring’s Breathe Out Day, a beautiful and sunny day with several classes participating in each block. However, as Breathe Out Day is not a required break in the school day, many students stayed inside with their classes. Some students wish that Breathe Out Day was a required break for the high school, as Senior Grace Desai shares, “I kind of wish it was mandatory since I didn’t get to go out in any of my classes.”

As the popularity of Breathe Out Day grows, perhaps participation numbers will increase. With less students outside than last year’s spring Breathe Out Day, weather is likely a determining factor in class participation. However, even in the chilly mornings of fall, the event is popular throughout the high school. Senior Lauren Brockwell went outside on Friday, sharing that “Breathe Out Day gave my peers and I the opportunity to connect with one another and appreciate the little things.”

Breathe Out Day reminds students and teachers alike to take time to destress and prioritize their mental health during a busy school year.