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Thoughts on the HHS Mentor Program

Fundraiser advertisement for the HHS Chipotle event dedicated to the Mentor Program
Kayla Walkling
Fundraiser advertisement for the HHS Chipotle event dedicated to the Mentor Program

The Mentor program at Hingham High School was only recently implemented, yet it is a considerable success with the freshman class. Added onto the HHS curriculum as a product of quarantine, the program was designed to help the freshman become better suited to the fast-paced transition from middle school to high school. In recent interviews with freshmen involved with the group, along with new and old executives who help run the program, new and personal insight into the Mentor Program is allowing it to improve for future grades of freshmen coming into Hingham High School.


Freshman Interviews:

What are your overall thoughts about the program? Pros and cons?


Ginger Neoff: “I enjoy the advisory program! I have learned better tips and techniques for balancing my school work and home life.”


Sienna Messina: “My overall thoughts about the freshman advisory program are that it is very beneficial for me since I am new to the high school. The program gives me information about how to budget my time and adapt to the heavier workload. I like how the program includes interactive activities that keep the students engaged. However, some meetings are mostly presentations and listening, which can get repetitive and make it hard to stay attentive.”


What would you like to see added to the program so it can improve?


Ginger Neoff: “I would like more presentations and lessons provided to us rather than filling out forms/papers one-on-one.”


Sienna Messina: “In the future, the program could incorporate a wider curriculum and have guest speakers present topics that are emphasized in the program. This could change things up occasionally and introduce the audience to new perspectives, recognizing the opinions of the guest speakers.”


Any advice or comments you would like to give to next year’s group of freshmen?


Ginger Neoff: “I wish the upcoming freshmen the best of luck! It is important to be watching for deadlines on assignments, limit procrastination, learn to balance school work and home life, make new friends, and not burn yourself out (aka high school can be a lot at times so have fun!!). Even though school can be stressful at times, it can also be a lot of fun. If you are nervous about coming to the high school, I promise you everyone will be in the same boat. Eventually, we all figured it out. As time passed, the high school experience only got better and better.”


Sienna Messina: “To the next year’s group of freshmen, I would like to emphasize the importance of staying on top of your work and not being afraid to reach out for help since there are so many resources that are provided to them, the freshman advisory program being one of them. Also, rising freshmen should take advantage of the clubs and organizations that are provided at the high school since they can make many friends, try new things, and have fun doing the activities they enjoy with people who share the same interests.”


What was your favorite part of the program this year? Do you have any favorite events, meetings, or moments?


Ginger Neoff: “I think my favorite part of the program this year was being able to have a break from my classes. It gave my friends and me a period to find organization strategies that worked for us. Sometimes, we would also be able to get some homework done.”


Sienna Messina: “My favorite part of the freshman advisory program this year was the several opportunities to meet with your class, such as the breakfast the program hosted, which was very fun overall! I also enjoyed the meetings with my advisory group, which were very informative and helped me learn more about organization and productivity. This helped me manage my homework better and enjoy my freshman year to its fullest!”


New Executive Interview:

Why did you choose to join the program as an executive board member?


Olivia Dorn: “I chose to join the board because I think STUCO is the backbone of our school community. I have been part of STUCO since freshman year, and I am very passionate about all that it has to offer.”


What are you excited about to bring to the table of the board?


Olivia Dorn: “I’m excited to bring new ideas. I will use my creative skills to ensure everyone knows about upcoming events, fundraisers, and spirit weeks.”


Old Executive Interview:

How do you feel the program went this year? Pros and cons?


Morgan O’Connor: “I think the program went well this year. Although many freshman are shy coming into high school, many of them came to events and bonded with their mentors. The executives had many meetings to help plan events, and they always followed through. I think a con would be the lack of mandatory events because it is hard to get some of the freshman class to participate.”


What should be added to the program so it can improve for next year’s group of freshmen?


Morgan O’Connor: “I think adding more events within school hours for the mentors and freshman to work together and build a strong relationship would be very helpful.”


What was your favorite part of the program this year? Do you have any favorite events, meetings, or moments?


Morgan O’Connor: “Chipotle nights and gingerbread nights were my favorites because of the good vibes and teamwork the mentor program fostered.”


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