Webb’s Swim Team Offers Amazing Experience for Swimmers


Liv Casey

The girls that participated in an over night practice for WTST are still psyched despite how late it is.

Liv Casey, Contributing Writer

From the outside, Webb’s Pro Fitness of Norwell appears to be a fairly typical, if not a little bit smaller than average, gym. Most people will pass by in their cars on the road outside and never even think to stop in an check it out. To the members of this workout facility however, it is a well known fact that Webb’s Pro Fitness is no ordinary gym. This is because every member knows that their workout facility is home to Coach Bill’s Webb’s Tornadoes Swim Team.

When I first moved to the South Shore, I joined a swim team through the local YMCA. It made sense to me at the time because that’s what my siblings had done when they were my age. I remained on that team for a while, but eventually I stopped feeling the team unity and became unsatisfied with my performance. During my time swimming with the High School, I noticed that many of my peers on the team were also swimming on a club team by the name of Webbs. When I looked into it, I was a little weary because it seemed intense.  However, everyone I had talked to offered endless praises for it, so I joined.

My first day, I immediately knew that I had made the right decision. The whole team projected a strong family vibe and they let me in seamlessly. Although the practices were just as intense (if not more than) I anticipated, the Coach, Bill, manages to inspire each individual swimmer into giving it everything they have.

Coach Bill is in fact a Level 5 coach deemed by the American Swim Coaches Association, which is the highest possible level. Out of 17,000 coaches in the country, only 150 have managed to reach this level. Bill works incredibly hard to make sure his swimmers can achieve all of their goals. The reason Bill became a coach is because he, “likes the sense of accomplishment that swimmers achieve. (He) likes the competition and technical aspects of the sport.” Most of all however, Bill, “ enjoys watching his swimmers succeed”.

With his assistant coach Mary at his side, they managed to coach a practice just last week that lasted most of the night. All the girls were so excited and worked hard swimming throughout most of the night. The bonding experience was absolutely incredible. By the next morning, the whole team felt so much closer. Long time swimmer, Elizabeth Galickikn, joined Webb’s at an early age. She professes, “I loved Webb’s so much and ever since, all of these years I have never felt more loved by a team. We all have such tight bonds with each other that we’ve become a family. Even through the long hours we all spend swimming and working out are very difficult, I wouldn’t change that because of the great experience I’ve had.” Elizabeth’s opinion of the team is a common one among the swimmers. Another swimmer Liv Cataldo confesses, “ I swim because of my fun and silly team that is my family and because I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve never witnessed such a strong bond between a team before and, before the end of my first week, I knew I was never going to go anywhere else.

So next time you find yourself in one of those cars passing by outside the facility, stop by and learn for yourself exactly why everyone loves the Webb’s Tornadoes Swim Team.