UConn Wins National Championship


UConn raises their trophy after their win. 13 News Now at ABC

Lauren Weber, Staff Writer

Every March, the best college basketball teams come to face each other in the NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament. 68 seeded teams go head to head in a single elimination bracket to fight for the championship after 7 rounds. The popularity of the tournament, the excess amount of brackets predicting the game outcomes, and the huge amount of games played, lead for it to be labeled as March Madness. 

This year, like many others, contained upset after upset, with number 1 seed Purdue losing to number 16 Fairleigh Dickinson, and number 2 seed Arizona facing defeat from the number 15 seed Princeton. One of the reasons why March Madness has such a huge following from the US is the many unpredicted upsets throughout the match ups. 

In the final four of this year’s bracket, the lowest seed to enter was the UConn Huskies as number 4. They were accompanied by Florida Atlantic University, San Diego State University, and University of Miami. UConn, although not in the top 3, was considered poorly ranked due to their momentum and track record of beating fairly ranked teams. In the final game UConn shockingly matched up with lower ranking San Diego State on April 3rd. After the first quarter, the Huskies never surrendered their lead. UConn, who won 4 previous titles in the past, swept away with a victory, winning 76-59. 

Passionate fans of the Huskies couldn’t be more happy with the results. Senior Owen said: “My whole family loved watching it unfold. We all love UConn, my parents are alumni, and we all had them winning in our brackets.” However, not all people choose UConn to win in their mock pickings. Junior Josh Bradshaw claimed: “ I’m a little disappointed. All the good teams I picked didn’t make it that far and I didn’t think the Huskies would make it that far.” Busted brackets are not uncommon in March Madness, but it makes each year different and more exciting than the last.