HHS Says Goodbye to Its Seniors


Susie Anderson

Mr. Burke’s AP Stats class taking one last picture before the seniors leave

Killian La Tanzi, Contributing Writer

On May 23, HHS reached the point in every school year in which the seniors begin the next chapter of their lives. Although a sad day for every student, the last day of high school is also a time of fun activities and remembrance. To start off the day, the entire senior class congregated in the far parking lot, all wearing shirts from their respective future colleges. Taking pictures, talking to friends, and being outside marked a strong start to the last moments in HHS as a student for the seniors. 

Over the course of the day, senior classes got to relax and participate in some fun, last-day activities. Señora Shaw’s AP Spanish Lit class spent A block on the school playground climbing and taking pictures, going back to their elementary school days. Senior Michael Renna said that the Spanish class “created a mural in which we all wrote our names in a block on the wall.” He also hopes that painting murals can become a tradition due to the fact that “it was a great way to remember such a great class.”

As is traditional for every senior class, a grade-wide prank was carried out on the last day as well. This year, that involved a number of seniors bringing in full gallons of milk and pouring it out throughout various locations in the school. Certainly a prank for the janitors.

Most other senior classes made it onto the field on the last day to engage in some summer games with their peers. Senior Jack Kelleher stated that his favorite part of going outside was “playing spike ball for most of the morning”, adding that “it was a good time to have fun with all of my classmates.” 

The final day in the seniors’ high school career came to an end with both heartache and happiness as they said goodbye to their favorite teachers and younger classmates. HHS will wholeheartedly miss the school spirit, energy, and positive attitude that the seniors in the class of 2023 brought to HHS day in and day out. The whole staff and student body wishes them the best of luck on their next endeavor.