Campaign Update

Chris Bierwirth, Contributing Writer

As America approaches the 2016 presidential election, the fields on both sides have become more competitive. Trump still leads the Republican party, polling at around 25%, with Ben Carson in second (17%), Carly Fiorina in third (12%), and Jeb Bush in fourth with 10%. Whether or not these numbers will change before the primary elections in early 2016 remains to be seen. More debates are scheduled for the top Republican candidates, with the next one scheduled for October 28th.

With the primary elections just months away, the campaign is expected to intensify, especially in the political battlegrounds of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. In the democratic polls, Biden, despite not yet announcing his candidacy, is polling just eight points behind Hillary Clinton, who is in the lead. Sander’s is polling just one point behind Biden nationally, but is leading Hillary in the latest polls from New Hampshire and Iowa. As he begins to rival Hillary Clinton, the nation is beginning to take the self described “democratic socialist” much more seriously.

Whether he will gain the support necessary to give him a viable chance will depend upon whether or not the American public grows to accept his extremely liberal standpoints. Should any of these candidates win for each party, the ensuing race would certainly be exciting, and most likely one of the most interesting races of the 21st century.