The Much Anticipated HMS Opens its Doors (789 days later)

Two incoming 7th graders pose before they begin a tour of the school.

Laura Lynch, Managing editor


The last time high school students saw Hingham Middle School, metal poles supported the ceiling, creating a prison-like atmosphere in many of the old, tight rooms.  Today, a state of the art, made for TV school has replaced the old one, expanding the tools and opportunities for learning.

Middle school students, especially eight graders, who waited two years for the new school, are ecstatic and happy to brag about their new school.  Incoming sixth-grader Colin Oatway shared, “It’s going to be awesome.  I’m glad I get to spend three years in the new school, especially since my sister didn’t get to spend any.”

Soon to be eight grader Dananh Do raved, “I’m so excited about the new school.  I’ve heard many great things about the school, like how we are going to have extra time between classes.  Each grade has its own floor, and the lockers are huge!  I’m excited for the school year since it’s in the new school.” Exceptional improvements to the new school include a fitness room with treadmills, a wide, stunning auditorium, a college-like lecture hall, and modern classrooms equipped with Smart Boards and brand new desks.

Principal Derek Smith attested to the qualities of the new school, a project that took 789 days from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. “The new school offers the teachers and students with the very latest in educational technology. All teaching spaces feature interactive white boards, document cameras, voice amplification systems, and the ability to support up to 60 wireless devices at once. There are three computer labs with 28 units in each one, along with a language lab that will allow students to practice speaking and listening exercises in their foreign language classes.

“One of the most unique features is our Distance Learning Theater. This is a lecture hall style room with about 80 seats, each with power and a data port should you need to power a laptop or other device. This room is designed to allow classes to hold video conferences with people anywhere in the world, expanding the classroom well beyond Hingham’s borders. We have also added a wellness center to our gymnasium with a combination of cardio and strength training equipment that will be incorporated into our physical education program, promoting a healthy lifestyle for our students.”

Yet despite the incredible new features of the school, Mr. Smith expresses that the community of the Hingham Middle School is essential to making the school year special.  “While I am very excited about opening the new school, and the educational opportunities it will provide for our students, I know that a building is just a building. Ours is beautiful and has much to offer, but it is the teachers and families of the Hingham Middle School that make it a special place to come to everyday. I know our teachers will do great things in this new school, just as they did in the old one.”

If you have not had a chance to tour the middle school yet, view the attached photo gallery to appreciate the final product.