Antonio Brown’s Short Run in a Patriots Jersey; Where Will He Go Next?


Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Antonio Brown seen here with Head Coach Bill Belichick at the Dolphin’s game last Sunday.

Jake Bednarski, Staff Sports Columnist

Most Americans associate fall with falling leaves, school, and football. However, a big controversy in football may have just turned this association into a rather negative one. Antonio Brown, the league’s star receiver and owner of the largest pay for any receiver in the NFL, has been cut from yet another team. 

After the New England Patriots signed Brown on September 9, he played with the team against the Miami Dolphins on September 14. He had a decent game, catching 4 balls for a total of 56 yards, racking up one touchdown, and leading the Patriots in receiving yards. Hingham High School’s Mahdi Almosawa, a sophomore and JV starter on the football team, marked a connection between Brady and Brown in the first half. He explains, “right off the bat he was going through the game, and he got that…. Pretty well.” 

Although Brown proves to be an asset to the team, some off-the-field news jeopardized his career with the Patriots. He has been accused by two women of sexual advances, and one of the women has accused him of rape. Brown has denied all accusations, but it has made a massive impact on the star’s season. After being cut from the Oakland Raiders and signed by the Patriots in a matter of hours on the eve of the Patriot’s season, football fans questioned whether it was appropriate for Brown to even play in the first game against the Dolphins. Due to these accusations, Brown’s reign in a Patriot’s jersey ends here. 

Two days before Week Three, the Patriots released Brown over a text message to one of his accusers that was said to be threatening. Her lawyers contacted the NFL, who then contacted the Patriot’s organization. Brown was released Friday afternoon, and now has nowhere to go. Only one question remains: Where does Brown go next?

Brown, arguably a top five receiver in the league, can’t seem to find a team who will deal with his reported “big ego” and the bad press attached to him. However, his talent will most likely attract other teams all over the country. The reliability and big play making skills that Brown brings to the table are too much to resist for teams who need a star player who they can count on being open. 

The team with the biggest cap space by about 17 million is the Colts.

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky
Antonio Brown and Tom Brady seen here celebrating after Brown’s 20 yard back-shoulder touchdown.

With a dangerous receiver in T.Y. Hilton, it would be no surprise if they decide to sign Brown in order to challenge any safety and cornerback they play. In addition, it would be a massive help to their quarterback, who has a 69.1% completion percentage and a 107.8 passer rating. This would create a dangerous situation for any team, as covering two powerful receivers is a big task for any defense. Hank Drinkwater, a sophomore on the JV football team, explains, “double teams on [dangerous receivers] allow for [additional receivers] to be the star of the offense.” Additionally, two powerful receivers boost any quarterback’s experience on the field. Being able to put the ball out there and trust that the targets will catch the ball is such an important experience for a QB to undergo in order to transform a team.

So, as the league plays the waiting game to see where Brown ends up, Week Three is underway. The Patriots will play the New York Jets in what looks to be an interesting matchup. Even Belichick has remarked that recognizing the strength of the Jet’s defense and the run game will be crucial for a Patriot’s win. 

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