Halloween 2022: Fashion Trends


Kate DiBartolomeo

Halloween costumes popular this year

Kate DiBartolomeo, Contributing Writer

Halloween is a holiday packed with all sorts of fun events for students. Halloween costumes are the most exciting part of the night, whether you’re going to a costume party, a haunted house, or trick-or-treating with siblings. With Halloween right around the corner, everyone at Hingham High is eager to show off their creative costume. This week, I interviewed five Hingham High School students for the inside scoop on the 2022 costume trends. 

The footwear choice of the weekend is resoundingly sneakers. Freshman Betsy Clow explained,” I want to feel comfortable in my costume this weekend.” If you’re planning to attend a haunted house, costume party, or other activity, you should prepare to be on your feet the whole night. Sneakers are practical and ensure comfort for many hours of activities. Freshman Meghan Koenen added, “I’m wearing the same pair of sneakers for both my costumes this weekend.” The versatility of sneakers helps students save money on their costumes while still looking put together. 

For bottoms, anticipate lots of mini skirts this Halloween. “Mini skirts are my favorite. They make any costume look cute,” says Junior Grace Garrity. Mini skirts are comfortable to wear all night long. While they might be a little cold for outdoor activities, they are perfect for indoor events like costume contests. Most importantly, they flatter a wide range of body types so anyone wearing a group costume can feel comfortable matching with their friends.

Finally, the most significant trend we should expect this season is a corset. Corsets are extremely popular because of how flattering and versatile they are. Similarly to sneakers, corsets go with many different costume concepts and immediately elevate any outfit they’re added to. “I didn’t feel guilty about spending a little extra for a corset to pair with my pirate costume because I know I can wear it again,” said Kerry Breen. Corsets are hot in fashion right now, so high school students can feel good knowing they’ll get their money’s worth out of their purchase. 

This Halloween is an highly anticipated event at Hingham High. From the looks of it, Hingham students are prepared to show off some great costumes this year. In addition, this season, we should expect to see stylish outfits that are also practical. Whether you’re opting for a spooky vampire or fun pirate, consider incorporating some of these trends into your look for a fashionable Halloween.