A Successful 2018 Holiday Fair


Stephanie Robinson

The crowed main hallway during the fair.

Stephanie Robinson, Contributing Writer

This Saturday, November 17th, Hingham High School kicked off its 10th annual Holiday Fair. Students, parents, and members of the greater South Shore community came to shop, eat, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Vendors sold everything from HHS apparel to hand-carved toys and artisan quinces!

This year was the most well-attended fair yet. Cars completely filled the close and far parking lots and lined the streets in every direction. The halls were bustling and vendors hurried to tend to all of their customers.

The HHS Holiday Fair is unique because there are outside craftsmen and artisans selling their goods alongside HHS clubs and sports. Junior Alex Lannon commented that “it was really fun seeing different booths from all the different clubs and sports teams from around the school.”

Of course, there was some distinction between the student booths and those of the professionals. The student tables were located in the main hallway, snaking all the way to the cafeteria, whereas professional vendors mainly were in the gym and cafeteria.

The organization of such a fair is no easy feat. This year Lisa Lavieri, as she has for several years, spearheaded the effort, with help from student volunteer Eleanor Collins. Together, they worked with over a hundred vendors to insure that the fair went off without a hitch.

Many other HHS students facilitated the fair’s launch as well. Volunteers worked Friday night and Saturday morning to help set up tables, assist vendors in unpacking their goods, and decorate the school. Their hard work was visible through the school. Junior Riley Potter said that “[The fair] was a festive time.” Everyone enjoyed the jolly and welcoming atmosphere at the fair, and it’s safe to say that it was a huge success.